Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How to succeed in internet cafe business...

We all know that internet is the cheapest and the easiest way of communication today. This is essential in everyday life particularly in students, professionals and businessmen. The internet cafe business has rise up due to public demand. Here are some tips to consider on how to succeed in internet cafe business:
- seek for a good location, along university built or at the mall is much better.
- the more PC units you have the lesser is the cost of operation
- if your cafe is gaming station, organize a tournament and invite players from other places
- if you are on research, internet browsing and etc. you must have web cam and headset.
- better have a separate room for chatting to insure privacy
- offer membership discount and promotion
How to succeed in internet cafe business is something every internet cafe owner should know.

Timelogger : one of the useful and practical tool in internet business.

Monitoring your business is one of the secret of its success.Just like in internet cafebusiness it is essential to use time logger to monitor the hour,income and other services in your internet cafe. This soft ware can control the time duration and the amount charge to the costumer.You can log your other services in there too.In using this software you need to have a server that controls the activity of all units you have in your internet cafe.Time logger has many uses, it is a cash registry, sales report and also issued receipt.Try to look for a website that sells different kinds of time logger, try its one month trial period and order one you think is best for your cafe.