Sunday, March 15, 2009

Internet cafe...My business by chance

I never dream of having an internet cafe business before. The main reason was I personally don't have enough knowledge on computers. However when I bought one unit for personal use, I started to enjoy surfing the net. Nevertheless our home is located at university belt where internet cafe is the hottest business.With the encouragement of my friends and family I opened Valcan's Internet Cafe last January 2008. Luckily we have surpassed one year of existence and now my business is growing strong. We cater students need especially in research and projects at discounted price.

I consider this business as a business by chance. It was not planned but it turn out to be good and beneficial to everyone in our locality. So, you might be thinking that I still don't have knowledge in computer? Well, that is the great reward I ever have from this business. Through the internet I was able to unfold my talent in writing and presently I'm doing well as a freelance content writer.

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faisal said...

yes.........we call it cyber my country this is opening business of young entrepreneurs. it flourished too fast everywhere. i have heard, at the end of each month it is a good income since all the expenses are fixed.