Saturday, May 3, 2008

Beyond My Age

Computer age started in an early 90's century.Getting into it is a great challenge for those who were born earlier. Almost 70% or more (not based on statistics) of population of persons aged 40 up are computer illeterates.This is not a big deal for me.Age doesn't matter...It start up with a simple click on the mouse and everything must be easy for me. I encode 500 words for just 10 minutes and I made publication from my desktop and most of all I met a lot of people around the world in YM. Through this experience I gain more insights on how to make a website like this blog...sound amazing for my age at 45 but I made it. This proves that age is not the issue for that matter. Fully equipt with english grammar and vocabulary I can write articles many as I can. Why keep on wondering how to use computer, take your sit, hold the mouse and begin to click....

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