Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cyber Café Business for Small and Medium Business Entrepreneur

Internet is a highly sophisticated but easiest and cheapest way of communication. It links people not only nationwide but all over the world. Because of this advancement in technology, information access becomes available to everybody. To have a computer and internet access at home is common to those who can afford. Nevertheless, the Internet Café Business rises up to cater the needs of individual or group who has no internet at home.

To start these business ten units of PC is ideal number probably 256mb and 80gig , 256 mb or higher video card for gaming purpose. The ideal location is along the university built
or in the place that youngsters are usually visible like the mall. To be conducive select much wider space and separate the PC for chatting and gaming. If you have a larger space maybe you can make a separate room for each of them. Your monthly dues are your electricity, rent (if the building or space is not yours) worker/s salary (maybe 2 workers is enough for 2 shift) Service provider of internet, maintenance (monthly maintenance check up is needed) telephone bill. This is good for small business only. If you are planning to have more PC units its much better because the monthly dues of 10 and 20 units of PC is not a big margin. You will have to pay the increase of electric bills and maintenance but you earn double.

A lot of businessmen now a days invest in this kind of business, because aside of the bigger population of internet user they can have other business through the web. There are websites that invites affiliates and you can double your money effortless. Some are pay to click you can earn upon visiting a site for 30sec.ask for more info about this sites.

Generally, this Internet café business has multi businesses within it. Professionals and other employed individual tend to leave their job for this business, so I conclude they earn more than their salary. Although for me, my professional job is my bread and butter and this internet café business is my sideline because the passion of my job is more fulfilling than the amount of money.

Planning to start a new business? Try to invest in an internet café, because aside from satisfying income you will enjoy its benefits too.

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